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Automatic Hair Braider

Tired of lightly twisted braids that fall out half way through the day? Look no further. The brand new Professional Automatic Hair Braider Twist Tool is an electric hair braider tool that is sure to keep your braid twisted tight. Simply split your hair and clip it in to the braid. Push the button down and the tow splits magically braid perfectly together. Order yours today!
• This is a brand new fashion hair styling tool that creates your own hairstyle in a few simple steps, completely automatic and convenient, saving you time, wasting energy, imaging products, suitable for children, girls, women.
• Using this automatic hair braiding tool, just 3 simple steps
• Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), allowing you to continue to twist your hair.
• Save your time and money. This hair styling tool is perfect for DIY, saving you time and money in the hair salon.
• Perfect for longer hair
How to Use:
1. Pick a strand of hair, push the hairpin to the left, put the hair into the folder, and release the button
2. Open the switch in the middle of the device, twist the hair clockwise to the root, then close
3. Remove the hair and attach the hair band