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Automatic Sprouter Machine

Now is your chance to grow your very own organic leafy sprouts right in the comfort of your home.
This Machine can grow the following:
Bean Sprouts, Spinach, String Beans, Black Beans, Buckwheat, Okra, Helianthus Annuus, Hollow, Radish, Mustard, Songliu, Green Peas, Red peas and much more...
• No soil required. Grow nutritious sprouts from seeds and legumes-year round
• 360-degree sprinkler, to prevent uneven germination of beans. Save electricity with PTC heating
• Easy to operate: The Start button is pressed first and then the corresponding season button is selected according to the room temperature
• If the power supply is interrupted within 8 hours for changing water or other situations, the machine will continue working as long as the power supply return to normal
• Made of food-grade PP material, non-toxic & healthy