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Creative Food Preservation Tray

A new idea to keep your food fresh! This tray, can keep your food fresh for a long time. Elastic film is adapted to resist pressure and puncture impact, to its reusability. Very creative buckle design, easy to use, firmly lock food, prevent overflow. Suitable for home life, camping, party, etc.
  • Suitable for refrigerating cabinets, small refrigerators, and other facilities.
  • Stack multiple trays to save space in your fridge.
  • High-quality material, just clean the tray and use again.
  • The buckle design makes it easy to seal food.
  • Keep your food fresh for a long time.

Magic technology elastic filmenvironmental protection. Reusable, from now on refuse to use disposable plastic packaging and plastic bags. Protect the environment and the health of your family.

High-quality materials, with a certain degree of resistance to penetration and compression, to achieve the perfect sealing of food.
Very creative design, elegant appearance, suitable for all occasions, whether it is to carry out or party use.