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LED Book Light Reading Night

Reading In The Dark Made Easy For Book Lovers!
Never struggle with reading at night ever again. This simple portable book reading light is designed to make your life easier, removing the unwanted eye strain and the unnecessary bulky lights when trying to read in dark places. 
You can read without bothering someone sleeping next to you. It's a completely new way to use light for reading. It's made especially for you book lovers!
BRIGHTNESS - The brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs.
ELEGANCE - Elegant style, easy to use and convenient.
REVOLUTIONARY - It is a completely new way of using light for reading.
REMOVE EYE STRAIN - Easy on the eyes. Say goodbye to eye strain while trying to read at night with a flashlight.
PORTABLE - Portable and lightweight design.
PERFECT FOR - Reading at night, car travel, home, study and kids.