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The Beard Growth Kit

The use is simple but requires some precautions.

It is important to clean your beard and skin before use and to disinfect your Roller© before and after.

Note: Do not use the Roller© on irritated or infected skin. The Roller© is personal and should never be shared. The life of the Roller© is not infinite. When the needles are no longer sharp enough to penetrate easily into the skin, it is time to replace them. It should never be painful to use.

1. Rinse and wash your beard
2. Dry your beard
3. Disinfect your Roller© with our disinfectant
4. Roll the Roller© on your skin and beard 10 times horizontally and vertically with light pressure
5. Apply the Serum to your beard
5. Repeat this operation twice a week
6. Desinfect your Roller© again

• The Activator Serum activates your facial hairs and boosts your beard growth
• The Beard Roller maximizes serum absorption and stimulates the sleeping follicles
• The Sanitizer is designed to clean The Beard Roller
• The Keychain Comb order today and get it for free